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When considering selling your home, experience and integrity matter. Paradise is ranked in the top ½% of 1% of top producers in Southwest Michigan. Paradise Properties success is through applying innovation and an uncommon effort in using integrated marketing programs that give their clients a competitive edge in the marketplace. Their program includes unique features exclusive to Paradise Properties.




Paradise is highly regarded amongst the Real Estate community and with their clients in consistently demonstrating the highest level of professionalism and Real Estate expertise. Always striving to be current with market trends and real estate nuances. Paradise excels in the highly competitive area of Luxury Lake Michigan properties with an inordinate amount of repeat and referral business. A true testament to Paradise Properties proficiency.



A misconception that a realtor simply places classified newspaper ad or ads in local magazines and the telephone will ring and the homes will be sold. That misconception is simply not enough in today's demanding second home market and is not Paradise Properties approach. Paradise employs traditional and innovative interactive marketing tools to ensure Sellers homes enjoy the highest visibility and to connect with the most appropriate Buyers. Emphasizing a combination of multiple newspapers, magazine advertising, award winning web sites, e-mail marketing, custom web pages for each and every listing, event hosting and direct mail. Paradise showcases their listings to a broad audience as well as their ever growing sphere of influence. Paradise Properties invests in today's internet savvy Buyers by providing them with a flash media custom web site This web site is has been created by one of the countries highest award winning web site designers, and offers the most up to date interactive features available in the country. Paradise Properties is member of Allen Haigne's [Cyberstars], the most techno savvy Realtors in the industry.



Paradise gets the job done, Ranking in the top ½% of 1% of top producers in Southwest Michigan. Paradise Properties consistently sells their listings with enviable profits for their clients and quicker than most in this arduous Real Estate market.

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Paradise Properties Marketing Roadmap delineates a path for success for their Client's property sales. Given today's real estate market a well conceived, meticulously executed marketing plan is required. The founder of Paradise Properties brings to the table over 15 years of professional experience owning Advertising Agency's , allowing them the unique ability to continually deliver creative and unique property descriptions as well as enhancements to marketing using cutting edge technology. This gives an extra added bonus and punch for a Paradise Seller to the Buying market.


Your property has many values, one to the tax assessor, one to your lender and yet another to you. It also has different values to prospective Buyers depending on their needs, desires and financial resources. In the end what determines the price of your property is the market.

Paradise applies their extensive knowledge of the Lake Michigan real estate market. Paradise will perform a Competitive Market Analysis "CMA" which compares your property to similar properties in your area that are currently available or have recently sold. The CMA is a road map to the correct listing price of your property. The price will create competition among a pool of qualified Buyers. Paradise also has an edge over most Real Estate companies by having listed, sold and or shown all of the competing lake front properties, giving an added insight with true comparisons of each unique lakefront property inside and out.



  • Location
  • Usable square footage and Lot Dimensions.
  • Beach quality, Bluff heights and Beach classification.
  • Condition of Property inside and out.


  • Buyer demand
  • Prices of recently sold properties.
  • Interest rates and availability of financing.
  • Condition of the economy
  • Seasonal demand.


  • Similar Properties for Sale.
  • Their price, condition, setting and views.

For a detailed assessment of your home's value, contact Paradise Properties for a complimentary Market Analysis.


In today's ultra competitive real estate market, prospective Buyers give at least as much consideration to what is wrong with a home as they give to what is right. Paradise Properties will help you see your home from a Buyers perspective, suggesting ways to enhance your property for showings. 10 great tips to sell your house faster

1. De-Clutter

It is one of the most important steps to preparing your home for sale, and the one that every Seller dreads. Nevertheless go through your home room to room, ask yourself what you can throw away and what you can put in storage. Sellers need to make that all important mental conversion from "Home to live in" to "House for sale". An over abundance of personal things create a big distraction as you want the Buyers to be able to visualize their own belongings in your home.


Buyers want everything working so don't disappoint them, dripping faucets, cracked window panes, damaged walls, sticking doors, broken or loose hardware etc.. These are the type of flaws that bring the question to the Buyer's mind, what else is broken or doesn't work that I do not see. This can be very important before a potential Buyer can make it an issue.


Light gives the impression of space, so it is important for every room in your home to have ample light anytime of the day. Make sure all the chandeliers and accessories fixtures are clean and have working light bulbs. Remove heavy curtains and clean the windows inside and out for a sparkling clean appearance.


Two of the most important rooms in your house to consider. They must be spotless, just cleaning up is not enough, you need to deep clean all counters, floors, cabinets, appliances (inside and out). Consider having tile and grout steam cleaned.


Everyone's level of smell differs, what one Buyer may not notice another Buyer will refuse to view the home. Some of the most negative comments from Buyers are the presence of Tobacco or pet odors. Have your drapes, carpets and furniture professionally cleaned. If you do have smokers in your home, try to have an "all smoking is to be outside" policy, often this type of odor is hard to eradicate from a home many times an ozone cleaning treatment is necessary. Using home spray

Fresheners, scented candles or infused potpourri is also perceived as over powering to the senses. Paradise Sellers have had much success with a little lemon oil mixed with water used sparingly will add just a hint of freshness without overpowering the house.


A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive, most effective way to enhance the appearance of your home, use neutral colors.


Overgrown bushes, shrubs and trees, everything in the yard needs to be trimmed and manicured and "living". Pay special attention to overgrown vegetation blocking views. Also add some color by placing annuals in planters in the front and back of home. Curb appeal makes that all important "First Impression"


Hardwood or Stone floors can be a huge plus for Buyers, unless the floors are dull, scratched or stained. It is a great investment to have your floors buffed, polished or if need be repaired or refinished.


"Staging" is the art of arranging furniture and accessories to optimize the presentation of your home. Paradise Properties excels in this department, let us show you how to accentuate your homes attributes, you will be amazed.


Withholding information about known defects can cause much bigger headaches than many times the problems themselves. If you have questions about property disclosures ask Paradise Properties.

3. Lighthouse Power Marketing

  • Photograph the property to showcase appealing selling features.
  • Create a Video Tour for Blogging.
  • Create a Virtual Tour for Web Site and Internet Real Estate sites
  • Collect and load extensive descriptive property information, including Photographs, Virtual Tours, Surveys, Plat Map, and  Disclosures into "Power Site" the viral marketing link responsible for creating an individual web address for the property and responsible for distributing to top visited real estate sites like, Trulia, Propsmart, Homescope, Google, Yahoo, Oodle and the MLS public access site.
  • Load Power Site in to Paradise Custom Web Site.
  • Create full color brochures of property
  • Place advertisements in local newspaper and relevant magazines with tag of property web address.
  • Create direct mail campaign to target audience
  • Create e-mail "New listing flyer" and link to Power Site to all appropriate Southwest Michigan Real Estate Agents.
  • Post property web address on Real Estate sign.

4. The Showings

  • Schedule showings and open houses around clients schedules.
  • Ready property for showing including turning on lights, raising window treatments, opening access doors.
  • Instant follow up with Buyers agents and continuous feed back.

5. Securing of Competitive Offers

  • Paradise Properties ensures proper and current documentation, from a complete detailed contract fully executed to all appropriate disclosures submitted and signed.
  • Receipt of the earnest money check, and in some cases if needed a letter of qualification from a banking institution.

6. Paradise Properties professional "Closing" process.

  • Coordinating of details up to closing with a large network of resources including Specialized Consultants, Inspectors, Repairmen, Attorneys, Agents, Movers and more.

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