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Beach TriviaSpend one afternoon with Paradise and we will show you the many aspects of buying on Lake Michigan you should consider and know before purchasing. 

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Can a Wetland be found on a 70 foot high bluff?

Where could someone make a Lake Michigan lot non-build able with a snow fence and one winter season?

Can a Well go dry when you are only 250 feet away from Lake Michigan or 1000 feet away?

When can a Fore Dune become build able, and what is a Fore Dune, and can you make one?

What type of Native Plants can not be relocated, and potentially interfere with your build able footprint.

If you cut down a young tree measuring 3 inches in diameter or 12 inches in diameter, what size would you get fined by the DEQ for removing?

How does Satellite Imaging and Satellite contouring affect your Lake Michigan property?

What is an Ice Volcano?

How do you escape a Rip Tide? And what causes a Rip Tide. How do you escape a Rip Tide?

Where are the three locations in the United States that you can see a sunset over a large body of water?

What is Critical Dune? And what does a Forest have to do with it?

If a Landscaper in 1980 created a Burm or left a 5 foot high sand pile on a Lake Michigan Lot, is it possible you could not remove it today?

Since 1928 what year did Lake Michigan have the highest water level in history?

What can effect your beach more, a Steal Sea Wall or Rubble Revetment?

Can a 300 foot tall tree live inside a 300 foot high sand dune?

What is a Mushroom House?

Were would the best beach be, A Lake Michigan parcel located 1.Two miles south of a Harbor? 2. Five miles south of the Harbor? Or 3. One mile north of the Harbor?

What is an Aquiver, and how do you know if you have one?

Where and how can a Developer turn a 100 high Bluff into a 40 foot high Bluff?

What melts like ice cream and can affect your beach?

Why is the plant Crown Vetch loved the most by Lake Michigan property owners?

When and where did the Chicago Tribune give away free Lake Michigan lots for a one year subscription?

What makes a wave spin?

What most resembles a scissor cutting action in Lake Michigan?

Is there a Pier in Union Pier?

What State has more coastal frontage and the largest supply of fresh water?

What type of Lake Michigan fish is 70 pounds or more and only can be seen at dawn?

What is a Natural Blow Out?

If you want to build on Lake Michigan, what is the first and most important thing you need,

1. A Survey?  

2. A Topographical Survey?  

3. Architectural Drawings?

Why does Lake Michigan sometime appear Turquoise in color?

What and from where, helped build Chicago after the Chicago Fire?

What does it mean to be De-Designated?

If you want to build a 10,000 square foot Lake Michigan Beach House on a ample and very large lot, who can stop you from building it more?,

1. The Township?

2. The State? 

3. The DEQ?

The term stealing the footprint is that possible?

Who would most likely have a Beach Cop?

1. A Littoral Beach

2. A Township Beach or

3. A Private Beach?

What would Niagra Falls and the Ocean have to do to effect Lake Michigan, and does that change if we have Global Warming?

What are Groins? And what do they have to do with Down Drift?

What is green in the summer, gold in September and builds sand dunes?



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